Sight together

TOGETHER FOR INCLUSION: Young people with low vision for active participation, awareness and associationism around the world

People with disabilities, and within this group, those who are blind or have low vision, face significant challenges in their lives. Globally, it is estimated that approximately 1.3 billion people live with some form of visual impairment. Regarding distance vision, 188.5 million people have a moderate visual impairment, 217 million have a moderate to severe visual impairment, and 36 million are blind.

Unfortunately, individuals with low vision, in many cases, lack the necessary mechanisms to live inclusively alongside the rest of society. Additionally, there is a lack of entities or associations advocating for the rights of people with low vision.

For all these reasons, this project aims to promote associationism, primarily among young people with low vision, so that they can find the resources needed to create or be part of an entity that works for the inclusion of individuals with low vision. Through the TOGETHER FOR INCLUSION project, five social entities of individuals with low vision wanted to contribute their experience and knowledge to promote association processes, overcoming all social barriers and challenges for a successful future.

The Impact

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